Gravel Finder Notes

The Gravel Finder is based on open source data (OSM) and our best interpretation of it. There are many limitations and incorrect markings of gravel roads that aren’t either suitable for a gravel bike such as walking tracks or may be tarred now.

We are continuing to refine the data set and update it with gravel specific information which will improve the map. Limitations are:

  • Use the map in tandem with other trusted data sources (eg. Google, Strava, etc)
  • There may be errors on the map, use with caution
  • Help us improve the map. You can tag roads as sealed or unsealed in OSM (see below)
  • The data set is periodically updated so changes won’t take effect immediately
  • Currently only roads for Australia are loaded and marked as gravel.

Updating OSM data to improve the map


As the map is based on Open Street Map data you can help improve the map by editing it there.

  1. Visit
  2. Zoom in and find the road you want to edit
  3. Click the edit button (you will need to log in to be allowed to do this)
  4. Set the surface tag to the correct type. If there isn’t one there you can add the surface tag.