Clarkes Gambit Recce

We took the opportunity of a sunny weekend for a sneaky recce of the course for the upcoming Clarkes Gambit overnight gravel adventure. From the pics below you will see this is going to be one super chilled and happy weekend.

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Pictures courtesy of @ReadyAimMedia who will be at the event taking your photo which is included in your entry.


Crossing the Clyde River at Shallow Crossing. This is a highlight of the ride, as you gently stroll or ride through the cool, clear water at a depth of 20cm

One of the many stunning vistas on course, here showing distinctive Pigeon House Mountain

This is pretty typical of the roads you will be riding on. Champagne gravel.

The River Cafe, a stones throw from the start/finish area. They will be ready to take your coffee order before the start each morning.

This is part of the climb on the Sunday course. No walls to ride up here, just tap it out and enjoy the ride.

Another crystal clear water crossing, what’s not to love.

Here is one of our ambassadors Steph Skinner cruising through the forest. Don’t worry about the patch on her calf. Even the best of us bin it from time to time and she is tough 🙂

Steph’s partner Rohan Hunt also had a fantastic day, thanks for joining us mate, you rock!

Betty Blue Tongue, what a beauty! Even she was pretty chilled to be picked up for a photo.

The descent back into Nelligen on the Sunday route. Views to the ocean and mountains

Picture yourself here. The perfect way to end the ride!