Scratch Racers Information

MOST IMPORTANT, you MUST have either a SPOT tracker or a Garmin InReach tracker.  No other device will be accepted.  If you turn up with an EPIRB expecting to ride you will be in for some disappointing news.  Safety of riders is really important – only a SPOT tracker or Garmin InReach will be accepted in this event!! You can hire these from Maprogress
Provide your device details to as follows

If you are using a SPOT:

  1. Device name/model
  2. Unit Identifier ESN: 0-XXYYZZ. Find it under the batteries
  3. Your XML Feed. Copy and send to me from your FindMeSpot web page. It is a string of text that looks like this “0OVJEDRIP7yvLUCzgGONXZI3QE9HmvCvD”. It is a good idea to create a new XML feed for this event to avoid conflicts with other events that your SPOT may have been registered under. You can create a new XML feed here

If you are using a Garmin InReach:

  1. Device name/model
  2. IMEI Number
  3. The feed URL like this eg.


Please add Mike’s contacts to your message setup


Mobile: +61 408 420 018

Also add +61 488 841 397, this is our Zoleo that works off Satellite.

Add the email to all messages. Add the mobile numbers to messages that require a response eg. The Help message

Also give Mike’s contacts to your emergency contacts so they know who to call if you activate your beacon and they need more information about your status.


If you are an Overnight rider you are welcome to sign up to the Maprogress page too, in fact we recommend you do! Please register yourself here


It is best to create a new XML feed in your FindMeSpot account for use on this event to avoid any conflicts with other events.

For the XML Feed, you can find it on the following page link.  Please login and go to