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Route Submission : Entry # 146
Old Guys "Chilly Willy' 2016
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1 EASY Smooth compacted dirt/gravel.
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As part of our efforts to be Good Husbands, the Old Guys gather every year for a 2 day adventure. This fabulous 2 day ride in early winter starting, visiting and ending at some classic southern NSW pubs, was our effort for 2016.
The onset of the 2016 east coast Low during the ride added some excitement with flooded creek crossings and soaking rains. The ride leads you in gently with level tarmac and then moves on to rolling smooth gravel. Lunch at Captains Flat precedes a solid climb over the Tallaganda range to 1100m on gravel through sub alpine forest followed by a glorious roll into the valley that is the headwater of the Shoalhaven River. A short meander uphill on gravel closes the day at Majors Creek.

Day 2 and breakfast and coffee is in one of the excellent espresso joints in Braidwood. The return over Tallaganda is via little bombay and some rougher fire trails followed by fine gravel sections. Again the forest is a major scenic component along with some old sandstone culverts along the way. The torrential rain during the ride caused many creeks to flood making for some adventurous crossings and fords. The ride finishes where it starts at the welcoming Royal Hotel, whose owner is an enthusiastic cyclist and great supporter of all things and people on bike
Facilities On Route
Great pub to start and end at with the hospitable Major's Creek hotel as a perfect midway rest. Could be ridden in one day but why would you ? Water in Captains Flat, Majors Creek, Braidwood and Bungendore. Excellent coffee in Braidwood. Accommodation and excellent beers and even some glu wine in the Royal Hotel bungendore and at Majors Creek
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