Clarkes Gambit Course Options

This event is an “overnighter” meaning we have two different loops, one for Saturday, which goes north of Nelligen and one for Sunday, which goes south of Nelligen. On each day, there are three different lengths of course. The three different lengths all have common parts to them to enable better support throughout the day.

Short Course: Approximately 50km and 1000vm each day. Designed for Juniors (12-17 year olds) and anyone looking for an easier introduction to Gravel riding. This is definitely for you if you like to ride “party pace”. There will be time for a dip in the river, take in the views, even enjoy a beer at the feedzone!

Standard Course: Approximately 75km and 1500vm each day. Designed for experienced cyclists, long enough to be a challenge, short enough to still be 100% Type 1* fun. (Choose Wave 1 – Wave 4 in your entry). Find a bunch, make new friends.

Long Course (2 day Stage Race): Approximately 150km and 3000vm each day. Virtually a double lap of the Standard course. For those that like to go looooong. Entry via application. Email your Strava profile to for the Access Code

Note for Families: Choose the “Family” option in your entry and enter all family members in the one transaction. You can choose to ride the short or standard course as a family together. If anyone in your family is under 18, you must ride the Short Course together.

Note for One Day Option: If you can only spare one day of the weekend, we’ve got you covered. Choose the “One Day Option” option in your entry. You can ride Saturday or Sunday, we don’t mind which. You can also choose to ride the Short Course of the Standard Course on that day. It is up to you.


Short Course (for Juniors and Party Pace): 55km, 970m

Standard Course (most people will ride this): 78km, 1440m

Long Course (Elite Stage Race): 155km, 2880m


Short Course (for Juniors and Party Pace): 44km, 1175m

Standard Course (most people will ride this): 70km, 1700m

Long Course (Elite Stage Race): Note the 2nd lap begins at the 65km mark. You are NOT required to return all the way to the start: 130km, 3220m


Type 1 Fun: Just plain fun. Simple, uncomplicated fun.

Type 2 Fun: An activity that is fun only after you have stopped doing it. As in, “Ouch I hurt everywhere that was some Type 2 fun”

Type 3 Fun: not fun at all, not even in retrospect. As in, “What the hell was I thinking? If I ever even consider doing that again, somebody slap some sense into me.”