Blue Metal

Graveleur, in partnership with Blue Metal Cycling are canvassing for expressions of interest from NSW based cyclists who’d like to join a Gravel tour of Tassie.

Email us at and put “Blue Metal” in the subject line if you are interested.

In particular tell us how you feel about the following or if we can design something better suited to what you and your mates prefer:

Cost: The cost would be around $2,200 for a 5 day tour. This is a premium tour inclusive of all meals, ride support, accommodation and transport. All you pay for is your return flight to Launceston and alcohol. Meals in particular are designed to take advantage of local fine produce and will be very high quality.

Dates: Tentative dates we’ve booked would be 14-18 June 2021 and then another tour in the Spring shoulder season (between Sept and Nov). Yes June could be chilly, but it’s actually perfect riding weather.

Group: We can accommodate 7-12 riders. Get some mates together and tell us who’s coming

Where/What: We have the option of two different styles of tour. One would be a camp style where we stay in the same accommodation for the 4 nights and do a different loop each day back to our cabins. The day rides would be about 70km and 1200vm; you could always do some extras if you still have some energy left in the afternoon. If you think Derby is good for MTB, you haven’t seen anything till you sample some of the gravel roads available in that region.

The second option is more of a Point A to Point B tour. Each day would be more like 100-120km with up to 2000vm on some days. Again there are some totally awesome segments on offer in this style of tour.

We’re excited to be able to bring this to you and hope to hear from you about what you’d like to see cycling in Tassie.